Type 1 Tubular Glass Vials


  • High Quality Clear and Amber glass type I glass.
  • Choice of glass manufacturers such as Schott and Corning to choose from.
  • Overall daily output is 2.5M pcs with a yearly output of over 500M pieces.
  • Plants are certified ISO 9001 and 15378 standards.
  • Sterilization and pyrogen-free services are performed on the glass packaging
  • Clean Room manufactured
  • Modern robotic systems that reduce to a minimum human contact with the product
Reference Code: Size: Clear: Amber: Neck Finsh:
 013CRIM0002BG1 2R  13mm ISO Crimp 
 013CRIM0004BG1  4R  X 13mm ISO Crimp 
 020CRIM0006BG1 6R 20mm ISO Crimp 
 020CRIM0008BG1 8R   X  20mm ISO Crimp 
020CRIM0010BG1  10R  X 20mm ISO CRimp 
020CRIM0015BG1  15R  X 20mm ISO Crimp 
020CRIM0020BG1  20R 20mm ISO Crimp 
020CRIM0025BG1  25R  X 20mm ISO Crimp 
020CRIM0030BG1  30R   X 20mm ISO Crimp 

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