Injection Stoppers

Injection Stoppers: 

Size: DIN / ISO: RTU: RTS: OmniFlex
13mm  -
20mm   -
32mm   DIN X  
32mm   ISO X


RTU components simplify stock management and operational planning. They also create faster lead times and reduce risk and labour costs through increased efficiency, flexibility, and security of supply chain.

This validated RTU concept eliminates the need for washing, siliconization, sterilization, (re)validation of equipment, and quality assurance checks of work in progress. The use of RTU components significantly reduces capital investment, manufacturing/labour costs, downtime, and floor space.

Omniflex Coating: 

A state-of-the-art fluoropolymer spray coating, meets the highest demands for quality and performance for highly sensitive, large molecule drugs.

This spray coating technology is a proprietary fluoropolymer coating providing full coverage of the entire product and eliminating the need for siliconization. It forms a strong barrier between the elastomer component and the drug, thus providing a superior protection against extractables.

The coating has a strong repellent effect against any aqueous solutions, further minimizing the possibility for potential interactions

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