Conserva UK has an extensive range of jars and compatible closures. 

If you cannot find a suitable product amongst our standard range, Conserva UK have a large network of manufacturing partners from across the world, so depending on what you need, your budget and the time frames associated with the project, Conserva UK can act as your sourcing partner. 

  • Jars

    Wide Neck PET Jars

    Straight sided PET jars with excellent shelf presence. Tall side walls make this an easy range to label - available in 70mm, 89mm and 100mm diameters.

    Wide Neck PET Jars 
  • Thick Walled PP Jars

    Heavier weight, thick walled PP jars for a premium look and feel. Closures can come with a choice of different liners.

    Thick Walled PP Jars 
  • Aluminium Screw Neck Jars

    Large range of aluminium screw neck jars with an internal lacquer to protect the product and closures fitted with EPE liners for a great seal. Customisation options available.

    Aluminium Screw Neck Jars 
  • Push Fit Aluminium Jars

    Easy fitting lightweight push-fit Aluminium jars in a variety of different styles. Customisation options available.

    Push Fit Aluminium Jars 
  • Low Profile PP Jars

    Lightweight, stackable low profile PP jars available in white, black and natural as standard. Closures can come with a choice of liners.

    Low Profile PP Jars 
  • Aluminium Solid Bar Containers

    Ranges of Aluminium containers with built in shelf drainage - perfect for solid bar primary packaging.

    Solid Bar Containers 
  • Amber Glass Cream Jars

    Amber glass straight sided jars suitable for a full range of creams, ointments and gels. Available with a selection of different closures for a unique look.

    Amber Glass Cream Jars 
  • PET Mini Jars

    PET Straight sided jars in smaller / mini sizes. Perfect for smaller volume fills, easy to label and with standard neck finishes, meaning a wide choice of compatible closures.

    PET Mini Jars 
  • HDPE Tablet Jars

    Large range of HDPE Tablet Jars for capsules, tablets and powders. Available with a large choice of compatible closures.

    HDPE Tablet Jars