We regularly get asked questions about our standard packaging portfolio of products and global sourcing service. We have collated some of the more common questions below: 

Do you have minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

We do have minimum order quantities which is product / range specific. As a guide our typical minimum order quantity would be 1 pallet which could be 3-8,000 pieces on average.  

Recycled content, special colours and printing would carry higher minimum order quantities. 

Can you recycle your packaging?

Yes, we take pride in offering only recyclable packaging as part of our standard portfolio of products.  

We can also offer recycled content in our plastic packaging and aluminium packaging.

How do I know I am receiving the right product?

We go through a very structured process which includes sending samples that the customer can fill with product and test with the associated packaging.  

Technical drawing s and material specifications can also be sent in advance of ordering so our customers are fully aware of what they will be receiving, prior to ordering.  

To re-iterate, it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the product is compatible with the chosen packaging.  

How do I utilise your Global Sourcing service?

This can be done in several ways. We have customers that specific a brief that we need to follow which could include the specific materials / dimensions / colours / pack formats of the requested packaging. Just recently, we have been asked a lot to carry out sourcing briefs of packaging products sourced from Asia and because of the lead times and logistical issues, the request is to source the same/ similar packaging, but closer to home. 

If you are unsure, just call our office on 01483 266615 and we can walk you through the process.  

What are your lead times?

This can vary quite widely depending on the packaging line chosen. We have stock products which are available within 5 working days.  

For custom products that are made to order, or more complex to produce, the lead times could be several months.  We will aways advise an approximate lead time at the time of quotation, so you can make an informed decision on the offer.

Can I order online?

I am afraid not – not yet anyway. We have the infrastructure on our website to do this, but because of the wide selection of products we have to offer, we just don’t have the time or resource to enable this option currently.

Do you offer flexible and secondary packaging like pouches and/or cartons?

No – Conserva UK are primary rigid packaging experts, and we are totally focused on bottles, tubes, jars, closures, dispensers and sprayers in glass, plastic and aluminium.

How long do your quotes last?

Typically, 30 days, however we like to try and offer our customers stability on pricing, so where we can offer the quote for the longer, we will do this.

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