Environmental Policy

3.1          Conserva UK source, promote and supply a full range of packaging components including bottles, jars, closures, dispensers and sprayers across mainly the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Food and Beverage markets.

3.2          Considerations to the recycling of packaging materials, promotion of recycled content in packaging materials being supplied, as well as efficient use of water and energy as well as minimising waste are key, important factors that the Company can monitor and assess. 

3.3          Conserva UK shall endeavour to conduct its business in such a way to minimise the detrimental impact upon the environment and as such Conserva UK operations will comply with relevant environmental legislation and will continually look to improve our associated environmental performance.

3.4          Conserva UK will not look to supply packaging components which are difficult to recycle such as PVC or Urea and consideration of the recyclability of packaging components supplied will be made at the time of assessing the viability of the project.  

3.5          Conserva UK will communicate the companies’ environmental aims and objectives to all staff as well as to customers.