Order Sterile Glass Vials At Competitive Prices

Need ready-to-use, industry standard pharmaceutical glass vials?

Sterile glass vials are a fully validated ready to use glass pack offering which takes all of the time and expense required with the packaging of new drug products.   

Conserva UK regularly supplies sterile glass vials to clients across the UK, including healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Whether they’re required for laboratory testing or speedy new drug development opportunities our sterile glass vials will come supplied in special, robust packaging so no compromise is made with the sterility integrity. 

We offer vials in a wide range of sizes, including this Starter Pack ideal for Biotech, Life Science and Clinical trial applications. Developed with SCHOTT to provide customers with a range of compatible primary and secondary packaging components, it can be used in any drug development application.

Who are we, and why choose us as your supplier?

Conserva UK is a reliable packaging distributor specialising in the supply of bottles and jars, closures, dispensers and sprayers. We have a strict quality control system to ensure that all packaging meets the finest possible standards. 

We serve the consumer goods industry across the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Personal Care industry sectors. Our team looks to be your ideal partner for excellent packaging at fair prices.

If you need to order high quality sterile glass vials, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.
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