Eco-Friendly And Recyclable Aluminium Tubes

Thanks to greater awareness of the impact of packaging on the environment, the need for environmentally-friendly solutions has never been higher.

In particular, the need to reduce the level of plastic is crucial. Because it’s not biodegradable or takes many years to degrade, we all want to reduce the amount of plastic products we use. That’s particularly true in the cosmetics and self-care industries, where people are increasingly looking for brands that promote greener practices and packaging options.

Here at Conserva UK many of our packaging solutions are eco friendly and recyclable, including aluminium tubes.

Made using either 100% post consumer recycled aluminium or straight from virgin material, these tubes are available in a range of colours. They also come with an extensive number of caps and closures. Aluminium is not only an easily customisable material, it looks stylish and is tough and durable. 

These recyclable aluminium tubes come in many diameters, volumes and lengths to create the right pack choice. . 

At Conserva UK, we understand that when it comes to packaging, quality matters. 

Whether you need jars for cosmetics or creams or vials for drug testing, we provide solutions manufactured to the finest standards. We work with companies in a range of industries including biotechnology, healthcare and pharma, and personal care and beauty.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions, find out more about our aluminium tubes. Or contact our friendly team for more information.

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