Aluminium Tubes Made From 100% Recycled Materials

Creating eco-friendly packaging is a key priority for reducing our impact on the environment. 

Here at Conserva UK we’re committed to providing the latest, environmentally-friendly packaging solutions for a range of industries, making it easier for companies to ‘go green’. 

 Our solutions include aluminium tubes which are made from 100% post-consumer recycled aluminium.

Why choose our aluminium tubes for your packaging?

Aluminium has many environmentally friendly properties, including being highly recyclable and lightweight. In fact, it is actually one of the most recyclable materials in the world. 

The process of recycling this material involves melting it down and reusing it to make new products, including packaging. Recycling aluminium is brilliant for saving energy, conserves natural resources, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

The recycling process uses much less energy than the production of new aluminium from raw materials, therefore helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Did you know, it’s estimated that around 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today? That’s all down to its high recycling rate.

Our aluminium tubes are available with four colour offset printing and a number of different caps and closures to suit. 

Based in Cranleigh, Surrey, Conserva UK works with clients from across the UK who need packaging for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, along with personal care and beauty.

Find out more about our quality aluminium tubes or contact our team for more information.
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